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We Believe

Really Good Food


We only make food we’d like to eat. If we don’t think it tastes great, we won’t serve it to you. It’s our golden rule.


We Believe



Because we think that coffee shops should have a personality, not a FTSE ranking.


We Believe

Double Shots


NoT A ‘homeopathic’ approach. Coffee should taste like coffee. If you’d like a milder cup, just ask – we’ll knock off 30p.


We Believe

Value For Money


We don’t do cheap and nasty, but we wouldn’t dream of ripping you off either.


We Believe



Our veg is from Covent Garden; our bread and pastries come from ‘The Bread Factory’ artisan bakery in North London; our cakes are made especially for us by eric in Crystal Palace and most of our meat comes from John, just around the corner.


We Believe

Knowing Your Name

We’re Candice and Howard and when we ask “How are you?” we actually want to know.


We Believe

Direct Trade

It’s like fair-trade, but better. We use Union coffee, who buy direct from smaller producers so more money goes to the people doing the hard graft.


We Believe

Trying New Stuff

Howard gets ideas. About food (mostly) and he likes to experiment. You can too. If you fancy something thats not on our menu, ask. If we’ve got it, we’ll cook it.


We Believe

Freshly Ground

Coffee starts to lose its flavour within ten minutes of being ground. Who knew? We did, so we grind it just before we make it.


We Believe

Family & Friends

Come in. Bring your children, your granny, your neighbour and your cat. Move the tables, pull up a chair. Mi casa es su casa.


We Believe

Happy Chickens

They make tastier eggs. Fact. And who wants to think about sad, bald chickens while eating breakfast? Scrambled, boiled, fried or poached, they’re all free range.


We Believe

Your Own Mug

We thought it was high-time someone brought back the idea of a tankard behind the bar at your local. But for coffee. It’s environmentally friendly too.